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Fairytale Pop Up Box

Ready for Xmas!
Russian Ballet.
Mysterious &
Full of Pearls.
Swan Lake, The Rite of Spring and Orchestra
J is for Jazz, Joy, Josephine
All about Josephine Baker!
All Cupid
Sizes in Stock again!
From S to XXL
& press about us:
Impressions & press about us:
Spain Magazine
Nueve firmas de lencería sostenibles y éticas que harán que vistas tan bien por dentro como por fuera
Boudoir Orchid
Auhtor of boudoir.orchid Blog
" Haven't been this excited by lingerie brand a quite a while! "
Estelle Puleston
Founder of EstyLingerie
" I was instantly besotted with their beaded embroideries – how could I not be? "
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Available Collections:

You can pay by card 0r via PayPal!
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trough the secure operator, 2Checkout
or via PayPal
You can pay by card 0r via PayPal!
Payment will be processed
trough the secure operator, 2Checkout
or via PayPal
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We are delivering our garments worldwide by UPS.
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Garment Care
For making you precious garment last the longest possible time you need to care about them with love and follow next instructions:

● Washing in cold water (no warmer than 30°C) is friendlier
to the environment and better for your garments.
Using cold water helps keep bead shine,
reduce colour fading and uses less energy at the same time.

● Do not put your Love & Swans' products in the dryer.
Also, don't let your undercovers dry in the sun.
Gently squeeze them with a towel, but don't twist

● If you really want to iron (it is undesirable), then lay you garment face down (with beads) on a terry towel and use the lowest (one bullit ●) heat setting on your iron.

In addition, properly caring for your garments to ensure the most possible durability is the best way to be sustainable!
Sizing Guide
Not sure what size you are?
Follow this instructions and find your perfect fit.

1) Measure your BUST. Place the tape at the fullest part of your bust. If you don't have a tape, you can use thread, and then measure it with a ruler.

2) Measure your UNDERBAND (wrap a measuring tape directly under your breasts, parallel to the underband). If you measure closest to 70cm, you're a size 70. If you measure close to 75cm, you're a size 75. And so on...

All our items are made of stretch mesh,
so it gives you +/- half size.

Use size chart below
to find your Love & Swans size
for all our briefs and bodysuits:
Bra's Measures:
Bra's Size Comparing table:
Briefs Sizing:
Briefs Size Comparing Table:
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