Lingerie Set "Cygnus"

Lingerie set Cygnus embroidered with natural pearls was dedicated to the brightest constellation in the perimeter of the Milky Way, like a bird soaring in the sky and 12 zodiac constellations.

Legend has it that many hundreds of years ago, when the earth was ruled by powerful gods, the most powerful (and amorous) of them, Zeus Ἀστραπαῖος (lightning thrower), fell in love with a mortal girl, the daughter of the earth's king, a precious treasure,who was extremely beautiful. The girl's name was Leda. Zeus, seeing her for the first time, turned into a white swan and went from the height of Olympus to Sparta. His calculation was correct – unapproachable Leda was interested in a beautiful swan and decided to play with him...
Games can be dangerous and exciting – every night beautiful Leda and the clever Zeus merged into a single whole, in spite of all the vanity of the world, and loved each other, and gave birth to immortal children who unleashed the Trojan war...
In the firmament the constellation Cygnus represents the hypostasis of Zeus, who again and again turns into a beautiful bird, hurrying to Earth to his beautiful beloved Leda.

This is handmade lingerie set with machine embroidery (all details and beads are sewn by hand).
We can customise High Waisted Knickers! They are also available without straps (leg ribbons).

If you are not sure about your size, please add your measurements in a comment with your order. We will help to choose the best size for you!:)

Garment Care

For making you precious garment last the longest possible time you need to care about them with love and follow next instructions:

- Washing in cold water (no warmer than 30°C) is friendlier to the environment and better for your garments. Using cold water helps keep bead shine, reduce colour fading and uses less energy at the same time.

- Do not put your Love Swans' products in the dryer. Also, don't let your undercovers dry in the sun. Gently squeeze them with a towel, but don't twist

- If you really want to iron (it is undesirable), then lay you garment face down (with beads) on a terry towel and use the lowest heat setting on your iron.

In addition, properly caring for your garments to ensure the most possible durability is the best way to be sustainable!

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